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([personal profile] sister_red Jan. 5th, 2011 05:53 pm)
My first day back in the trenches and I think I've survived. I say think since there are still 19 minutes left in which codgers can call me, so I'm not exactly out of the woods yet. Close though.

My plans tonight include going home, getting into my pajamas, eating dinner, and doing nothing else that requires thought or much action on my part. I think reading is in order.

Yesterday was a very long, very sad day. No matter how short the amount of time until our next visit, it's never short enough.

But we do have a plan in place now. I am moving to San Antonio next March.

I repeat: I Am Moving To San Antonio Next March!!!!!!!

Things are up in the air for him in regards to school, but we're both taking this year to save up as much as possible. Our goal is at least 3 months of rent/utilities/car payments/insurance apiece saved. That's just the low-ball number, but with a cushion of six months of savings between us, it will help things go more smoothly.

I know that once I pay my taxes this year (oh the joys of being an independent contractor), I am going to put everything I don't need to live simply into savings.

I'm still going to Korea in May though. I will not pass up that opportunity for anything. That is... if the group is still going. Actually, I need to email Jamie about that and see what he's heard about the tours this year.

I've hit the ramble mode, so I'll stop now.

How are you?
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